Puente Romano, Torre de la Calahorra y Mezquita-Catedral, CórdobaAndalusian-Soul
Teatro Romano, GranadaAndalusian-Soul
Barrio de Triana, SevillaAndalusian-Soul





The long-term goals are:

A) To combine efforts between the cities involved, in order to create a tourist circuit involving these four Andalusian cities aimed at the medium and long-distance markets (at a distance of over six hours by plane) - so as not to compete with each destination’s ‘city break’ product.

B) To make the most of this opportunity because very few other autonomous communities or networks of cities are involved in these markets.

C) To promote the symbols, values, products and destinations common to the four Andalusian cities, so that they are identified jointly in the target markets involved in the campaign.

D) To work together on any weaknesses detected in how tourism is promoted in the four cities, especially with regard to the lack of direct flights linking them with the target markets.

The short-term objectives are:

A) To sign a collaboration agreement that allows the 4 cities to work together and set final objectives.

B) To create a clearly identifiable brand.

C) To design a marketing plan which includes an action plan at the points of origin and at different destinations (specialized fairs, workshops, fam trips, door-to-door visits and press trips).

D) To market a purely Andalusian product based on overnight stays in the 4 cities.