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Huevos con Habas y Jamón, Granada

Granada's gastronomy is a blend of the influences of Nasrid, Castilian, Sephardic and Gypsy cultures and its unrivalled location, with succulent fruit and vegetables from the Valley (Vega) of Granada, plentiful livestock from the Sierra Nevada and fresh fish from the coast. The star attractions include Trevélez ham, Granada honey, Huéscar lamb stew, Güejar Sierra cherries, Lecrin Valley citrus fruit, goat cheeses or Motril shrimps – why not try a local pomegranate (granada in Spanish, from which the city derives its name).

Gastronomía, Granada

Granada’s food also has its roots firmly in Andalusian cuisine, with star dishes such as remojón granaíno (orange and cod salad), the Sacromonte omelette or beans with ham.

Going out to eat tapas is a way of life here, the local pastime of going from bar to bar to try all those little tasty snacks, while enjoying the sunshine on a terrace or sharing the youthful atmosphere of the lively streets of Granada.

During the year, there are many chances to try the special dishes made for competitions and gastronomic days such as Granada Tapas Day, the Lent Culinary Festival, or the Sandwich-making Festival.
The range of desserts depends on the season of the year, and includes cuajada de Carnaval (curd), dulces de las monjas (sweets made by nuns at Easter), torta de la Virgen (pastry cake) made in September and Piononos de Santa Fe (small traditional pastries) made all the year round.

Gastronomía, Granada
Gastronomía, Granada